Welcome to Lucifer's Hammer

Who is Lucifer’s Hammer?

We are a close-knit group of pilots who focus on industry, wormhole life or both. Some of us have known each other in-game for years, and some are new; we strive to be a welcoming group. Our industry provides a means for players to earn ISK and learn valuable manufacturing skills; our wormhole activities provide resources for our industrial arm, and an opportunity for players to learn about wormhole PVE and PVP.
To meet us, go to the in-game chat room The Frosty Hammer.
We use Discord for communication.
Lucifer’s Hammer is a proud member of A Band Apart., the alliance run by Pirate Lord Rixx Javix, author of the EVEoganda blog.

Industrial madness

Every fleet started as rocks.

PvP Shenanigans

When all else fails: explosions!
- Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer

Contact us

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  • Naomi Asti


  • Dazz1505


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